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North America



Late Jurassic

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  • Pronounces steg•oh•sore•us and means "Roof lizard."
  • Habited in North America during the late Jurassic period (155-150 million years ago).
  • Ate plants and were one of the first dinosaurs with cheeks 🌿
  • Was 30 feet long (9m), the size of a small bus 🚍
  • It was 14 feet tall (4.3m), considering the size of its plates.
  • They weighed almost the same as an African elephant 🐘
  • Its brain was tiny, similar to the size of a puppy.
  • Some palaeontologists used to think that it has a second brain in its butt. However, this is not true.
  • Thagomizer is the unofficial name for the spikes on its tail.
  • The plates on its back are called scutes.
  • Experts are not sure about the function of the scutes. Some ideas are that they worked for thermal regulation or protection. However, it might just have been for looking cool.
  • Stegosaurs were cousins of Ankylosaurs.
  • It's the state dinosaur of Colorado, USA.

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