found in:

Patagonia, Argentina



Late Cretaceous

beautiful nerdy facts

  • Means ‘Carnivorous bull.’

  • Lived in Patagonia, Argentina in the Late Cretaceous.🇦🇷

  • Was a large theropod of about 26 ft (8 m) long, like two Volkswagen beetles.

  • Weighted 1.3 tons, almost as heavy as two cows 🐄🐄

  • Thighs’ muscles contributed to 30% of their total weight.

  • Was part of the Abelisauridae family. These dinosaurs had odd features in their heads, and Carnotaurus displayed two horns above its eyes. 

  • Ran almost at 39 mi per hour (64km per hour). To give you an idea, Gazelles run at 80 km per hour.

  • Was probably the fastest runner of large theropods.

  • Had useless arms, with four tiny fingers– only two of them had bones 🦴🦴

  • Bitting force was twice the American Alligator’s bite 🐊

  • Might have preyed large animals by ambushing and delivering slashing wounds.

 🍖 🍖


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