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Early Cretaceous

beautiful nerdy facts

  • Means 'Iguana tooth'.

  • Reached 32 ft long (10 m), almost as long as a London bus.🇬🇧

  • Was near to 10 ft tall ( 3 m), half the size of a giraffe 🦒🦒

  • Shared the land with Brachiosaurus during the Early Cretaceous.

  • Was the second dinosaur to receive a formal name in 1825. The first one was the Megalosaurus in 1824

  • Lived all around Europe

  • Largest discovery happened in Belgium where two mineworkers found at least 38 Iguanodon petrified rests. 🇧🇪

  • Along with T.Rex and Stegosaurus, it inspired the appearance of Godzilla 🇯🇵

  • Had spike thumbs. Scientists thought these spikes were nasal horns. Later they realized they belonged to its hands.

  • Used its thumbs to show 'likes' for other dinosaurs  (I invented this). Scientists are not sure yet, but they think the thumbs could have been used for cracking nuts or striping tree bark 👍

  • Walked mostly on its all fours, but if it was needed, they could walk in two legs.

  • Inspired the name of an orbiting asteroid. Nasa called it 9941 Iguanodon ☄️☄️

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