Dinofriday is an amazing club where we learn awesome stuff while we have fun drawing dinosaurs that are super cool


some facts:

Dinosaurs are cool • Drawing is fun
Learning is awesome • Being part of a Club is amazing

the history of dinofriday:


Dinofriday is all about spreading Happiness one dinosaur at a time.

Dinofriday was born in February 2020, while I was doing my commute. Before then, I used to take the tube every day and draw something to bring a smile to my and my followers' faces. 

However, in Feb 2020, I realized that these smiles last more when we learn something new.

At that moment, I shared the steps to draw a Triceratops, and people loved it. I loved it too. Then I shared the steps to illustrate a Stegosaurus, and the same happened. 

Far from bringing joy to my followers and me, sharing these guides reconnected me with my inner child, that used to love dinosaurs and drawing. It connects me with families of future palaeontologists, dinosaur-obsessed kids, illustration lovers and people that enjoy simple things like a happy dinosaur.

Thanks for being here and sharing your happiness.

Dinofriday is created by Adrian Monroy. All rights reserved. 2021